Sundried Tomato Focaccia
Homemade tomato focaccia bread with extra virginolive oil & balsamic vinegarSeasoned French Fries
Seasoned French Fries
Garlic Bread
Vegetarian Bruschetta

Fried Calamari Golden fried squid ring with tartarNachos
Golden corn chips topped with melted double cheddarcheese, sour cream, guacamole, cherry tomato,black olive, jalapenos & spicy tomato salsaMozzarella Stick
Served with marinara sauce
Spicy Italian SausagesSautéed spicy Italian sausages cooked with chilli flake,sliced onion, white wine & tomato basil O’Gambinos Platter 
A combination of BBQ chicken wing, spicy Italian sausages, breadedfish finger & calamari with double dipsO’Gambinos Sea Platter
A combination of popcorn shrimps, battered fish,grilled squid & spring roll with double dips


Club Sandwich
Classic focaccia club combination of bacon, eggs, chicken& cheddar cheese with coral lettuce, tomato, served withsalad & seasoned French fries  Teriyaki Focaccia
Char grilled marinated teriyaki chicken with coral lettuce & tomato served with salad & seasonedRoasted Beef Baguette
Char grilled rib eye steak, topped with roasted field mushroomsmelted cheddar cheese served with salad & seasoned French fries 


O’Gambinos Wagyu Burger
Tender & juicy Wagyu beef patty, char grilled to your liking in betweenripe tomato, coral lettuce sesame bun served with mixed green & seasoned wedgesBacon & Cheese Burger
Homemade thick & juicy beef patty topped with tomato, lettucemelted cheddar bacon served with mixed green & seasoned French fries Teriyaki Salmon Burger 
Char grilled marinated teriyaki Fresh Norwegian salmon toppedwith tomato, lettuce melted cheddar served with mixed green& seasoned French fries.


O’Gambinos Salad
Mixed green with roasted chicken meat, buffalo mozzarella sweetpepper, ripe cherry tomato, dried cranberry, green apple, strawberry & toastedpine nut with mustard honey dressingCaprese Salad
Fresh buffalo mozzarella, sliced Roma tomato & homemade basil wit pesto dressingClassic Caesar Salad
Fresh crispy romaine lettuce tossed with homemade creamy Caesar dressing,topped with Bacon bits, grated egg & buttered cheese crouton


Soup of the dayPlease check with our waiter, what's available


O’ Gambinos GardenCherry tomato, onion bell pepper, mushrooms & mozzarellaMargaritaWith buffalo mozzarella, Roma tomato & fresh herbsHawaiianHam, pineapple, sliced onion & mozzarellaPesto ChickenShredded chicken, basil pesto, sliced onion, bell pepper & mozzarellaAl FunghiShimeji mushroom, button mushroom, Portobello mushroom,Shitake mushroom & mozzarellaSpicy SeafoodSeafood of shrimp, squid, & white fish, chilli flake & mozzarellaBronx BomberWith pepperoni, sliced onion, chilli flakes & mozzarellaMeat LoversPepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, Parma ham, bell pepper & mozzarellaFour CheeseMozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan & Emmental cheese


Australia Lamb RackOven roasted herbs crusted lamb rack with grilled US asparagus,roasted cherry tomato mashed potato and Merlot sauceStewed Beef CheekStewed beef cheek with grilled US asparagus, roasted cherry tomato,mashed potato and red wine figs sauce Sausages & MashedChar grilled spicy Italian & bratwurst sausages served with Parmesan,mashed potato & mustard cream saucePremium Rib Eye
Char grilled rib eye steak with grilled US asparagus, roasted cherry tomato,mashed potato & black pepper sauceCrispy Roast Pork Belly
Roasted crispy pork belly with grilled US asparagus, roasted cherrytomato mashed potato veal jus and Dijon mustard.Shepherd’s Pie
Sautéed ground beef & vegetables in Kilkenny beer, gratinatedwith mashed potato & mozzarella served with mixed green
Flaky Cod Fish & ChipsGolden fried cod fillet in tempura batter, garnished with mixedgreen & seasoned French friesAtlantic Salmon
Pan seared salmon fillet served with grilled US asparagus,roasted cherry tomato mashed potato and Pineapple cream sauceSilky Cod Fillet
Oven roasted cod fillet with mashed potato,roasted cherry tomato, grilled US AsparagusServed with baby spinach & asparagus sauceDory Fish & Chips
Golden fried dory fillet served with mixed green & seasoned French fries
Chicken Cordon BleuBreaded Chicken boneless leg stuffed with mozzarella cheese,honey baked ham served with grilled US asparagus, roastedcherry tomato, mashed potato and Lemon orange sauceChar grilled Chicken
Grilled boneless chicken accompanied with grilledUS asparagus, roasted cherry tomato mashedpotato & served with Lemon honey sauce


Baby Back Ribs half or full rackDelicate & tender pork ribs glazed with our very owntangy sauce served with grilled US asparagus,Roasted cherry tomato & roasted herbs potatoBBQ ChickenRoasted BBQ ½ chicken served with grilled US asparagus,Roasted cherry tomato and Roasted herbs potato


Roasted Garlic Mashed
Sauteed Mushrooms
Grilled Asparagus


Linguine Pescatora
Linguine seafood with shrimp, squid, white fish, chilipadi& white wine with tomato basilSpaghetti Carbonara
Sauté streaky bacon, sliced onion cooked with spaghettiin egg cream sauceLinguine Nero
Seafood with squid ink, chilipadi, garlic & Italian parsley incartoccio styleSpaghetti Meatball
House made Beef meatball in tomato Basil sauceBeef Lasagne
Oven baked layer of pasta sheet topped with bolognaisebéchamel tomato basil sauce & MozzarellaSpaghetti Arrabbiata  
Spaghetti cooked with streaky bacon chillipadi, cherry tomato& parmesan cheese tossed with tomato basil sauceSpaghetti Primavera  
Sautéed spring vegetables tossed with basil pesto sauceAl Funghi Risotto
Fresh farm mushroom risotto simmered in dashi stock with white wine,Parmesan cheese and drizzled with truffle oil


Double chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice creamIce Creamchoice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberryClassic Tiramisu
Layers of sponge finger dips in espresso coffee, mascarpone crea cheese and chocolate sauceCrème BruleeAuthentic French dessert served with assorted fresh fruits and candy walnutChocolate Lava CakeWarm chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and assorted fresh fruitsGreen Tea Panna Cotta Classic Italian dessert served with vanilla sauce , assortedfresh fruits and candy walnut


After Eighta classic minty choco shakeBombay Yoghurtrefreshing mango yoghurtOreo Orbitcookies & cream made drinkableBerrylicious
for all strawberry lovers out there

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